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The Avett Brothers - Emotionalism on 2LP - direct audio

The Avett Brothers - Emotionalism Vinyl 2LP

Thirty Tigers Records

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The Avett Brothers Emotionalism Vinyl 2LP

With their 2007 release Emotionalism, back on vinyl once again, Concord, North Carolina-based indie folk-pop darlings The Avett Brothers reinvented roots music as we know it with an impressive amalgamation of rock, punk, jazz and gospel. Emotionalism is a defining, emotionally-arresting statement that together with the band's legendary live shows, helped break The Avett Brothers wide open. 2LP-set from Ramseur Records/Thirty Tigers Records.

"The album, down to the title itself is a celebration of unselfconscious passion. It’s also a huge step forward musically: The relative sonic polish works magically in contrast to the Avetts’ jagged edge; they go beyond their core of acoustic guitar, banjo and upright bass, adding piano, B3, drums, electric guitar and mandolin; the vocals feel more carefully arranged, relying less on energetic screams and shouts and giving the melodies room to breathe; and the influences peeking through are more varied than ever, the music sporadically reminiscent of everything from Help!-era Beatles to Chopin nocturnes. The Avetts, long deemed “promising” by critics, are now unflinchingly, unguardedly, delivering on that promise." - Paste, Steve LaBate

“The Avett Brothers mix traces of The Band’s old weird Americana, sleekly Everly Brothers roots-pop and Violent Femmes-style folk punk. You'll come away a disciple." - Harp Magazine

The Avett Brothers Emotionalism Track Listing:

1. Die Die Die
2. Shame
3. Paranoia in B-Flat Major
4. The Weight of Lies
5. Will You Return?
6. The Ballad of Love and Hate
7. Salina
8. Pretty Girl from Chile
9. All My Mistakes
10. Living of Love
11. I Would Be Sad
12. Pretty Girl from San Diego
13. Go to Sleep
14. Hand-Me-Down Tune

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