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The Bevis Frond - Triptych Vinyl 2LP - direct audio

The Bevis Frond - Triptych Vinyl 2LP

Fire America

  • $ 4298

The Bevis Frond Triptych Vinyl 2LP

Special limited edition double vinyl version of this 1988 cult classic from the great Bevis Frond complete with bonus material. A stonewall favorite of the late ‘80s psych fanzine scene, the band's fifth album Triptych is now restored and enlarged upon as part of a lengthy Bevis Frond re-issue program.

Hailed in the same breathless enthusiasm as Hendrix, Floyd and The Flaming Lips, Triptych is further proof of the quality of The Bevis Frond legacy. Remastered from the original sound sources with sleevenotes by the band's Nick Saloman.

The Bevis Frond Triptych Track Listing:


1. Into The Cryptic Mist
2. Debbie's New Song For Drums
3. Lights Are Changing
4. Gemini Machine
5. Phil Exorcises The Daemons
6. Old Man Blank
7. The Daily Round
8. Hurt Goes On
9. Corinthian
10. Nowhere Fast
11. Tangerine Infringement Beak
12. Hey Joe


1. Time To Change
2. You're Trying To Get Me High Again
3. Still Couldn't See Her
4. The Pilgrim's Way
5. Through And Through
6. You Got To Unwind
7. High Wind In The Trees
8. 99th Very Last Time
9. I Love You For Your Mind
10. Five Years Wide

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