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The Bevis Frond - Vavona Burr Colored Vinyl 2LP (Backordered)

Fire Archive

  • $ 2998

The Bevis Frond Vavona Burr Colored Vinyl 2LP

A special 20th anniversary reissue out on double LP limited edition white vinyl that comes with new artwork. It’s end of the millennium music, an album from 1999 when we were all convinced that Y2K was going to take out the whole planet at midnight on December 31.

It’s The Bevis Frond’s 17th studio album, filled with half recalled dreams and acquaintances– there’s Don Lang (a 1950s trombonist who died earlier in the decade), there’s Jesus (an omnipresent head who danced barefoot at all those Roundhouse gigs in the ‘70s), there’s Wilson, Kepple And Betty doing the One Leg Sand Dance, Che Guevara, John And Yoko, Joe The Dealer, there’s the girl in In Your Eyes who couldn’t make breaking up any harder. This is introspection at its best, a lo- fi mighty personal verse with a huge aching chorus.

The Bevis Frond Vavona Burr Track Listing:

1. The Frond Cheer
2. Leave a Light On
3. Virus
4. Caught in the Headlights
6. To the Lighthouse
7. Couldn't Care Less
8. Don Lang
9. You Just Don't Feel That Way About Me
10. Let It Ride
11. One Leg Sand Dance
12. Bulldozer
13. Coming Down on You
14. Temple Falls
15. Almost Like Being Alive
16. Looks Like Rain
17. In Her Eyes
18. Begging Bowl

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