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The Crystal Method - The Crystal Method Vinyl 2LP + Download - direct audio

The Crystal Method - The Crystal Method Vinyl 2LP + Download

Aftermath Records

  • $ 2498

The Crystal Method The Crystal Method Vinyl 2LP + Download

Featuring Guest Appearances by Dia Frampton, Le Castle Vania, Nick Thayer, LeAnn Rimes, Franky Perez & Afrobeta

Challenges in the recording studio are simply a necessary evil when you're a musician. However, the complications legendary electronic music duo The Crystal Method (Ken Jordan and Scott Kirkland) faced while creating their self-titled fifth album still remain unbelievable. More than halfway through the process, Scott Kirkland received news that would forever change his life.

In the aftermath of his 2013 recovery, Scott regrouped with his Method partner Ken Jordan, and everything picked up where they left off. As electronic dance music folded itself into popular culture over the past five years, these progenitors viewed this album as a pivotal statement. With twenty years under their belts, the iconic platinum-selling debut 1997's Vegas, a 2009 Grammy Award nomination in the category of "Best Dance/Electronic Album" for Divided By Night, as well as compositions for film and television including Bones and Real Steel, among other accolades, they collectively decided to up the ante yet again. That's one reason why they named their fifth offering The Crystal Method.


"She has such a unique voice," Ken goes on. "You can tell she could sing anything. She brought in the skeleton of the track and it turned into this anthem. It happened during one day in our studio - completely in the moment. That style of collaboration was integral to this album. Instead of having people send their parts in, we recorded together in our studio. We got to capture that essence."

"It's a direct result of everything I went through," he admits. "That PIC Line made this charmed sound like a cat. I could get my four-year-old daughter to laugh it, and she wasn't scared. One day we recorded it in the studio. Around the same time, my wife got a great recording of the kids playing. Everything is in there."

"We want to honor the fans with this album," concludes Ken. Even though our sound has developed and it's current, we're still The Crystal Method." "The feeling doesn't ever change," Scott affirms. "There's nothing like playing music at high volumes and interacting with a crowd. How did we get so fortunate to be able to do this?"

The Crystal Method The Crystal Method Track Listing:

1. Emulator
2. Over It (feat. Dia Frampton)
3. Sling the Decks
4. Storm the Castle (feat. Le Castle Vania)
5. 110 To the 101
6. Jupiter Shift
7. Dosimeter (feat. Nick Thayer)
8. Grace (feat. LeAnn Rimes)
9. Difference (feat. Franky Perez)
10. Metro
11. After Hours (feat. Afrobeta

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