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The Evens - The Evens Vinyl LP (Backordered) - direct audio

The Evens - The Evens Vinyl LP (Backordered)

Dischord Records

  • $ 1798

The Evens The Evens Vinyl LP

Project from Fugazi & Minor Threat's Ian MacKaye

The Evens are a band from Washington, D.C with Ian MacKaye (Fugazi, Minor Threat) on vocals/baritone guitar and Amy Farina (The Warmers) on vocals/drums. Formed in 2001, the band has recorded three albums, The Evens (2005), Get Evens (2006) and The Odds (2012), plus one 7" single, "2 Songs." Their songs are multifaceted yet efficient; straightforward yet sublime; you'll hear a new detail with each listen. The Evens features 12 tracks recorded at Inner Ear Studios with Don Zientara in the summer of 2004 and mastered at Silver Sonya soon thereafter.

The Evens The Evens Track Listing:

1. Shelter Two
2. Around the Corner
3. All These Governors
4. Crude Bomb
5. Sara Lee
6. Mt. Pleasant Isn't
7. Blessed Not Lucky
8. If It's Water
9. Until They're Clear
10. On the Face Of It
11. Minding Ones Business
12. You Won't Feel A Thing

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