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The Faint - Blank Wave Arcade on 180g White LP + MP3 Download - direct audio

The Faint - Blank Wave Arcade on 180g White LP + MP3 Download

Saddle Creek Records

  • $ 1899

The Faint Blank Wave Arcade on 180g White LP + MP3 Download

1999's Blank-Wave Arcade, was a total sea change for the Omaha group, The Faint, showcasing a fondness for dance beats and dark keyboards (due in part to the recent addition of keyboardist Jacob Thiele) while completely moving away from the indie-rock songs found on their 1998 debut, Media. Stark and uncompromising, Blank Wave Arcade saw the band replicating the raw feel of their basement shows, with a 9-song set that was awash in electronic, darkwave pop, confessionals and come-ons.

"We didn't want to be an indie band," explained vocalist Todd Fink. "We just thought, 'We've heard that there are no limitations on what you can do with a keyboard, so let's base things on that. Let's ditch the guitar.' We didn't end up ditching them completely for Blank-Wave Arcade, but that was the theory behind it." Reissued on vinyl courtesy of Saddle Creek Records.

"Not only are their songs brilliantly catchy, they're also inventive in terms of both songwriting and instrumentation. You won't hear a lot of stupid, plinky casiotones - you'll hear hard-assed, fuzzy analog noise peppered with unexpected buzzes and whirrs that enter the mix at just the right moment. In other words, the Faint have created one of the first records that's equal parts '80s new wave and garage rock. What're you gonna say about that? It sounds fuckin' awesome!" - Pitchfork

The Faint Blank Wave Arcade Track Listing:

1. Sex Is Personal
2. Call Call
3. Worked Up So Sexual
4. Cars Pass in Cold Blood
5. Casual Sex
6. Victim Convenience
7. Sealed Human
8. In Concert
9. The Passives

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