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The Faint - Egowerk Vinyl LP - direct audio

The Faint - Egowerk Vinyl LP

Saddle Creek Records

  • $ 1998

The Faint Egowerk Vinyl LP

The group that ignited an electro-pop-punk movement is back with an 11-track deep-dive into themes on modern society, the internet, and ego - specifically social media and its dark effects. Opener "Child Asleep" echoes well-loved Faint singles from the Danse Macabre days, with rapidfire techno beats that sear so hot, your forehead will break into a sweat regardless of proximity to a dance floor. And though the synths should sound familiar to any Faint follower, the song's monotone message is at once classic and current.

It's been four years since The Faint dropped a proper studio album, and more than two decades since they first tore onto the Midwest scene, alongside area staples Cursive and Bright Eyes, with anxious electro-pop-punk anthems that meshed doomsday themes with thudding dance-floor hooks. The group began to construct Egowerk shortly after releasing their 2016 career-spanning record, CAPSULE:1999-2016, with drummer Clark Baechle making frequent trips back to Omaha from his new home in Philadelphia to mix the record. The band made a unanimous decision to self-produce the entire record, making it unique and far more involved than any of their past work.

Despite The Faint's nihilistic musings on Egowerk, Fink and Baechle remain optimistic that things can improve if society is willing to absorb dueling perspectives. "The more you learn about any issue, any issue at all, the more you understand that it's more complicated than you think," Fink says. "I'd like to see people less convinced that they're right about everything all the time. I guess I think we'll figure it out as time goes on."

The Faint Egowerk Track Listing:

1. Child Asleep
2. Chameleon Nights
3. Life's a Joke
4. Alien Angel
5. Egowerk
6. Own My Eyes
7. Source of the Sun
8. Another World
9. Quench the Flame
10. Young & Realistic
11. Automation

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