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The Fat White Family - Champagne Holocaust Vinyl LP (Special Order) - direct audio

The Fat White Family - Champagne Holocaust Vinyl LP (Special Order)

Fat Possum Records

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The Fat White Family Champagne Holocaust Vinyl LP

Fat White Family were formed out of the ashes of two bands. In 2006 the 17-year-old Saul Adamczewski’s band The Metros were signed to a major deal and touted as the next Libertines. However it was the classic case of too much too young and the band never lived up to their initial promise, fizzling out by 2009. The second was a South London pub rock band called The Saudis, featuring brothers Nathan and Lias Saoudi.

The trio moved into a house together with drummer Dan Lyons. (Dan describes the songwriting partnership of Lias and Saul as being like that of a blackbird and a boa constrictor, however he’d like to leave it to your imagination to work out which one is which.) The line-up has since been augmented by the mysterious guitarist Adam J Harmer who looks like a hungover hit man and the bassist Joe Pancucci who is so insouciant that he actually fell asleep on stage during his first ever gig with the Fat Whites.

The group played their first open mic night in 2009 and honed their sound at Hank Dog’s Easycome, a regular South London folk event but by the time of their first headline gig under their current name in 2011, they’d added a heavier, more psychedelic and electric element to the music. An early fan of these shows was Liam from Trashmouth Records who would eventually put out their awesome Champagne Holocaust album in 2013.

This LP – a mix of class war, Communist themed surrealism, odes to auto sex and to sex in autos, calls for full scale insurrection, unabashed sleaze and grooves that will just not fucking let up – has become that old fashioned thing: a word of mouth success. The Fat White Family then: sharp as knives, thick as thieves, completely moral when it counts, completely immoral when it doesn’t.

“Their debut album, Champagne Holocaust, marks them down as a brilliantly bilious rock’n’roll band, alive with scabrous wit and tension.” - The Guardian

“Raw-assed rabble rock as dark, deviant and disgusting as the ‘70s” - NME

The Fat White Family Champagne Holocaust Track Listing:

1. Auto Neutron
2. Is It Raining In Your Mouth?
3. Who Shot Lee Oswald?
4. Without Consent
5. Special Ape
6. Cream Of The Young
7. Wild American Prairie
8. Borderline
9 Heaven On Earth
10. Bomb Disneyland
11. Garden Of The Numb
12. Touch The Leather (redux)

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