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The Flaming Lips with Stardeath and the White Dwarfs - Dark Side Of The Moon on Vinyl LP + CD - direct audio

The Flaming Lips with Stardeath and the White Dwarfs - Dark Side Of The Moon on Vinyl LP + CD

Warner Brothers

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The Flaming Lips with Stardeath and the White Dwarfs Dark Side Of The Moon on Vinyl LP + CD

A Must-Hear Modern Take on the All-Time Classic Album

Features Guest Musicians Peaches and Henry Rollins

The rumors are true. And the results are even better. Yes, the world's most unpredictable and life-loving band, The Flaming Lips, have teamed up with their Oklahoma City brethren, Stardeath and White Dwarfs, to record their own unique take of Pink Floyd's 1973 classic album The Dark Side Of The Moon. Featuring guest appearances by Henry Rollins and Peaches, the record is as wild, trippy, exciting, and fun as you'd expect it to be. It's hard to think of any other release being as true to Pink Floyd founder Syd Barrett's acid-addled visions and flights of psychedelic fantasy.

For those new to Stardeath and the White Dwarfs, the quartet stems from a similar anything-goes creative mindset that's driven the Flaming Lips for the past 25-plus years. The group actually functioned for a time as the Lips' road crew. Frontman Dennis Coyne is Lips singer Wayne Coyne's nephew, so you know that the bond is tight.

While managing to remain true to the arrangements of the original album while taking certain liberties that give the music a modern edge, the collaborative project was recorded after several weeks of both bands having toured together and mutually citing The Dark Side Of the Moon as a primary influence.

Curious? If you have a pulse, of course you are. So go ahead: Treat yourself by experiencing a new rendition of an undisputed landmark recording by the one band with the audacity, know-how, and weirdness to pull it off! Moreover, it sounds GREAT on vinyl.

"The Lips, of course, don't go for precision or radio-friendliness, even as they seem to be paying tribute rather than taking the piss out of Pink Floyd. Perhaps the Soft Bulletin-era Lips would've had some interest in recreating the grandeur of the Floyd's original, but the run-through sometimes resembles a sibling of Embyronic's oddities… Those standout instrumentals are collaborations with Stardeath and White Dwarfs, the band fronted by Wayne Coyne's nephew Dennis Coyne, and both make Coyne family reunions sound like good, illegal fun-- jammy affairs that sprinkle some much needed disco dust on Floyd's austere originals."
--Rob Mitchum, Pitchfork, January 18, 2010

The Flaming Lips Dark Side of the Moon Track Listing:

1. Speak to Me/Breathe (featuring Henry Rollins and Peaches)
2. On the Run (featuring Henry Rollins)
3. Time/Breathe (Reprise)
4. The Great Gig in the Sky (featuring Henry Rollins and Peaches)
5. Money (featuring Henry Rollins)
6. Us and Them (featuring Henry Rollins)
7. Any Colour You Like
8. Brain Damage (featuring Henry Rollins)
9. Eclipse (featuring Henry Rollins)

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