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The J. Geils Band - Bloodshot on Limited Edition Colored LP - direct audio

The J. Geils Band - Bloodshot on Limited Edition Colored LP

Real Gone Records

  • $ 2999

The J. Geils Band Bloodshot on Limited Edition Colored LP

First-Time LP Reissue / Lacquer Cutting & Remastering by Peter Black

Despite a couple of previous worthy studio efforts to their name, when Bloodshot came out in 1973, the J. Geils Band was best known for being a smokin’ hot live act, a reputation bolstered by the success of their previous album, “Live” Full House, which was their highest-charting record to date. Bloodshot changed all that. Here was a studio record that captured all the raucous energy of their concerts, but tailored it into 9 songs that maintained the band’s hard rockin’ R&B virtues while also displaying a rapid artistic maturation.

“Give It to Me,” for example, was their first self-penned hit and did the Stones one better with its funky, reggae-tinged groove, while the album also included the soon-to-be concert faves “Southside Shuffle” and “(Ain’t Nothin’ But A) House Party.” But Bloodshot also delved into blues shuffles (“Struttin’ with My Baby”), jump blues (“Hold Your Loving”) and even heart-on-the-sleeve balladery (“Start All Over Again”) -in short, this was the album where The J. Geils Band really arrived artistically, and they were rewarded with their first Top Ten album (and only one save for Freeze Frame, which came out eight years later).

Now, Real Gone Music is proud to present this classic record in a first-time LP reissue, issued on colored vinyl for a limited time exactly the way early copies of the album were released back in 1973. They’ve even re-created the original labels - which were themselves re-creations of the old Atlantic Records labels - for maximum verisimilitude. Remastering and lacquer cutting are by Peter Black - this one sounds just as great as it did back in the day.


• First time LP reissue
• Released on limited edition colored vinyl just like the original release
• Lacquer cutting and remastering by Peter Black
• All original album art intact including retro LP labels

The J. Geils Band Bloodshot Track Listing:

1. (Ain’t Nothin’ But A) House Party
2. Make Up Your Mind
3. Back to Get Ya
4. Struttin’ with My Baby
5. Don’t Try to Hide It
6. Southside Shuffle
7. Hold Your Loving
8. Start All Over Again
9. Give It to Me

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