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The Jerky Boys - The Jerky Boys Vinyl 2LP - direct audio

The Jerky Boys - The Jerky Boys Vinyl 2LP

Comedy Dynamics

  • $ 2498

The Jerky Boys The Jerky Boys Vinyl 2LP

Prankster's First Album In Almost Two Decades!

The Jerky Boys consists of brand new content from one of the most influential comedy minds of our generation. In 2019, Comedy Dynamics announced that they had partnered with the brain child behind the Jerky Boys, Johnny Brennan, for the release of their first album in almost two decades. The influence of the Jerky Boys' improvisational hilarity and genius continues to permeate in American culture, and helped shape many comedic minds in today's comedy landscape.

In a 2019 interview with Rolling Stone, Brennan stated that "It's been a long time. I said to myself, ‘let me do it', let me put something else out there. This is a true-blue release, even over The Jerky Tapes. Those weren't a sit-down, make-a-new-Jerky Boys record. Everything I've done now, for this record, is brand spanking new."

Johnny will be reconnecting with a slew of familiar characters from Jerky Boys lore, including Frank Rizzo, Jack Tors and Rosine, while adding a number of brand new characters to the mix. Johnny claims that some of the new characters are influenced by family members and friends, intertwined with the same Jerky Boys brand of comedy that made them one of the biggest names in the industry years ago.

"It's been a long time coming, it's something the Jerky Boys fans have wanted for years," Johnny adds. "I was so excited about getting the characters together once again to let the people feel the nostalgia and that incredible Jerky Boys magic, while at the same time, moving well into the future. I really hope everyone enjoys it, and spreads the word."

The Jerky Boys The Jerky Boys Track Listing:


1. Irate Tile Man
2. Unemployed Painter
3. Laser Surgery
4. Insulator Job
5. Egyptian Magician
6. Sol's Glasses
7. Car Salesman
8. Sushi Chief
9. Super Across The Way
10. The Gay Model
11. The Home Wrecker


1. Auto Mechanic
2. Dental Malpractice
3. Starter Motor Repair
4. Hurt At Work
5. Hot Rod Mover
6. Firecracker Mishap
7. Punitive Damages
8. Piano Tuner
9. Gay Hard Hat
10. Uncle Freddie

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