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The Lonely Forest - Adding Up The Wasted Hours on Vinyl LP - direct audio

The Lonely Forest - Adding Up The Wasted Hours on Vinyl LP

Republic Records

  • $ 1999

The Lonely Forest Adding Up The Wasted Hours on Vinyl LP

Anacortes, WA based rock band The Lonely Forest will release their new album Adding Up the Wasted Hours via Trans/Chop Shop Records. Adding Up the Wasted Hours was recorded by Death Cab For Cutie member Chris Walla and features 11 new songs.

Said the band of the lead single and first new song they’ve released in a few years, “Warm/Happy, lyrically, is a self-assuring song. I think artists can have a hard time connecting with people outside of their art...which is where the chorus line “We hate to relate so we synthesize, we’re warm and happy” comes from. Our music is what bridges that gap and helps us communicate.”

The band’s previous album, Arrows, received overwhelming acclaim following its release on Trans Records/Atlantic Records. NPR called it “one of the best and most honest slices of pop music around,” and the accolades continued to come in from tastemakers across the board.

From the outset The Lonely Forest - singer/guitarist/keyboardist John Van Deusen, guitarist Tony Ruland, drummer Braydn Krueger, and bassist Eric Sturgeon - has been about inclusion. In 2005, a raucous garage session inspired the guys (Braydn, Tony, and Eric) to join forces with Van Deusen’s piano-pop.

As grows their fanbase, The Lonely Forest's music is continually expanding and evolving. At its core, the music features Van Deusen’s soaring vocals and keyboard melodies wrapped tightly around Ruland’s expansive guitar anchored by a heavy yet nimble rhythm section.

The Lonely Forest Adding Up The Wasted Hours Track Listing:

1. Pull the Pin
2. Lovric’s
3. Fire Breather
4. Left Hand Man
5. Neon Never Changes
6. Last Time
7. Adding Up the Wasted Hours
8. Sounding In Fathoms
10. Warm/Happy
11. Stars Like Dust

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