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The Paperhead - The Paperhead Vinyl LP - direct audio

The Paperhead - The Paperhead Vinyl LP

Trouble in Mind

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The Paperhead The Paperhead Vinyl LP

Upon your first listen to this 2011 record you may think that you've stumbled onto some lost nugget from 1968. The Paperhead take their name from a lyric in July's golden-age psychedelic single "My Clown" and while the album may have a vintage sound, it's mind boggling to learn that it was written and recorded in the summer of 2010 by three 18 year old kids from Nashville, TN. Neo-psych fans may hear a more ambitious White Fence or a poppier Spacemen 3 while more classic minded listeners may recall The Pretty Things, their namesake July or post-LSD Beatles.

Before they all went their separate ways to start college Ryan Jennings and his closest childhood friends Walker Mimms and Peter Stringer-Hye holed up to record an album that combines all the orchestrated pop layers, Eastern influence and groovy instrumentals of a classic British psych record. With Cheap Time's Jeffrey Novak as producer and "spritual advisor" these guy's technical and songwriting abilities far outreach their young age, while still maintaining a sense of wonder about the world and a dash of charming naivete.

The Paperhead The Paperhead Track Listing:

1. Let Me Know
2. Excerpt From Simon's 1
3. Evergreen Tangerine
4. Back To Those Days
5. Can't Keep My Eye's Open
6. Easy Living
7. Do You Ever Think Of Me?
8. Excerpt From Simon's 2
9. Getting Older
10. Come Again?
11. Wisdom
12. He's Mirrored

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