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The Real Kids - Real Kids Vinyl LP - direct audio

The Real Kids - Real Kids Vinyl LP

Norton Records

  • $ 2798

The Real Kids Real Kids Vinyl LP

Posh 40th anniversary edition of original Red Star album- remastered by Tim Warren with majestic sound. Gatefold edition with centerfold photo by Roberta Bayley and original LP cover shot by Oedipus.

By the age of nineteen, Boston-blooded Felice had not only formed the renowned Modern Lovers with next-door neighbor Jonathan Richman, but, following his departure, he had also laid the foundations for what was to become one of the most high-powered, balls-to-the-wall aggressive rock ’n’ roll bands to ever do it: The Real Kids.

Merging the lean, no-frills songwriting of the mid-’50s rock and rollers with the sheer energy of punk rock (though never mistake them for a punk group), the Real Kids stormed through the ’70s and into the early ’80s with a surefire combination of fabled, manic live performances and two altogether outstanding albums, the first being their immortal Red Star label debut, The Real Kids, and the latter being the no-less-excellent, though consequently overshadowed, Outta Place.

Naturally, in a world where the Misunderstood got ousted after recording six songs and Big Star couldn’t release an album without it getting shelved, widespread stardom sidestepped Felice and company. Though they amassed an unwavering European fanbase, one which continues to be fiercely devoted to the band, the Real Kids opted to hang ‘em up for a spell.

1. All Kindsa Girls
2. She's Alright
3. Do the Boob
4. Roberta
5. My Baby's Book
6. Rave on
7. Solid Gold (Thru & Thru)
8. Better Be Good
9. Taxi Boys
10. Just Like Darts
11. My Way
12. Reggae Reggae

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