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The Record Company - Give It Back To You Vinyl LP + Download - direct audio

The Record Company - Give It Back To You Vinyl LP + Download

Concord Records

  • $ 1998

The Record Company Give It Back To You Vinyl LP + Download

The L.A.-based rock/roots trio of Chris Vos (guitar, lead vocals, harmonica), Alex Stiff (bass, guitar, vocals) and Marc Cazorla (drums, piano, vocals) has already been hailed by LA Weekly for "making bluesy music that would sound more at home in a sweaty, backwoods Mississippi juke joint," while Time Out Los Angeles has described their sound as "reminiscent of some of the best acts of the '50s and '60s – like if John Lee Hooker and the Stooges had a well-behaved love child."

The comparisons are apt. "We have been influenced by early electric blues, so some of that influence certainly shows," acknowledges Vos. "But we're just as influenced by bands like the Stones and The Stooges as we are by blues legends like Hooker, Muddy Waters and Jimmy Reed...Our sound has a lot of early rock n' roll but with a greater emphasis on the drums and bass. We aim to make the speakers move with our recordings."

The group writes, rehearses, records and mixes all of its music in the same living room in the Los Angeles neighborhood of Los Feliz where it originated. The themes and stories in the lyrics of the songs are all drawn from the threesome's collective experiences. Their debut album, Give It Back To You, will be released by Concord Music Group in February 2016.

"It all comes from our desire to write the best songs we can - and the most honest music that we can," says Vos. "We try to mix in different elements to keep it fresh. For example, our song 'On the Move' has just harmonica, bass, and drums with no guitar. 'Don't Let Me Get Lonely' has all acoustic instruments - including acoustic bass - to capture more of the rockabilly vibe that we dig, that is in so much of the stuff we listen to."

The Record Company members also play several instruments both live and on record. "We work hard to incorporate them into the music as creatively as possible," Vos says. "So besides the typical guitar, bass and drums, we also mix in harmonica, dobro slide, lap slide, pedal steel, piano, etc. It's about making the right choices for the songs and keeping things as engaging as possible throughout the album - without compromising the integrity of the song."

"Off the Ground" is the first single from Give It Back to You. "It was one of the last songs we wrote for it," continues Vos. "The opening riff is Alex playing slide on a bass with a little delay on it, then Marc comes in with the drums, and I come in with my old junky lap steel guitar that I love so much. I was trying to capture a Hound Dog Taylor-esque sound on the slide guitar. We wanted to give the bass a fresh approach so Alex started playing the riff with a slide and we loved the way it sounded."

The Record Company Give It Back To You Track Listing:

1. Off The Ground
2. Don't Let Me Get Lonely
3. Rita Mae Young
4. On The Move
5. Hard Day Coming Down
6. Feels So Good
7. Turn Me Loose
8. Give It Back To You
9. This Crooked City
10. In The Mood For You

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