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The Silence - Hark The Silence Vinyl 2LP - direct audio

The Silence - Hark The Silence Vinyl 2LP

Drag City Records

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The Silence Hark The Silence Vinyl 2LP

The Silence are a storm that has been brewing across Japan for over a year – and now that system is breaking into the skies of the rest of the world! Their self-titled debut of this past spring was simply a preamble to the fluid and formidable electro-acoustic interplay that has quickly evolved since then. The first record is of a song-based nature, rendered with careful beauty familiar to longtime listeners of Masaki Batoh and Ghos; a sound that turned on occasion into greater journeys.

Hark The Silence takes that notion and runs with it in a powerfully jamming album containing all the musical elements that define The Silence in flowing and transcendent performance, all of it recorded on 24-track analogue tape, a process which brings their musical and spatial qualities into dynamic balance.

The Silence Hark The Silence Track Listing:


1. Ancient Wind Part 1 & 2
2. Ancient Wind Part 3
3. Ornament
4. DEX #1


1. Galasdama
2. Breath Figure
3. Little Red Record Company
4. Fireball

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