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The Struts - Everybody Wants LP - direct audio

The Struts - Everybody Wants LP

Interscope Records

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The Struts Everybody Wants LP

A UK-bred band full of reckless swagger and hugely catchy hooks, the Struts are returning the sweet and dirty spirit of glam to modern rock & roll in the vein of predecessor bands such as Queen and Kiss. The album features the single "Kiss This" and "Could Have Been".

After touring throughout North American in 2015 supporting their Have You Heard EP, The Struts announced they would re-release their original album, Everbody Wants", with new tracks as their U.S. debut. This 2016 U.S. reissue is pressed on standard weight vinyl in a single pocket jacket.

The tracklisting for the U.S. reissue features "Mary Go Round', "The Ol' Switcheroo", "Young Stars", "These Times Are Changing", and "Only Just A Call Away" replacing the songs "My Machine", "You & I", and "Let's Make This Happen Tonight" from the original 11-track 2014 version.

The Struts Everybody Wants Track Listing:

Side 1

1. Roll Up
2. Could Have Been Me
3. Kiss This
4. Put Your Money On Me
5. Mary Go Round
6. Dirty Sexy Money

Side 2

1. The Ol' Switcheroo
2. She Makes Me Feel Like
3. Young Stars
4. Black Swan
5. These Times Are Changing
6. Only Just A Call Away
7. Where Did She Go

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