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The Temper Trap - Thick As Thieves on LP - direct audio

The Temper Trap - Thick As Thieves on LP

Glass Note Records

  • $ 1999

The Temper Trap Thick As Thieves on LP

The Temper Trap in 2016 is a consolidation of what made the band matter to people in the first place. The title Thick As Thieves seemed a natural choice. Anthemic, direct, up, emotive music, typified by the first three songs that came: "So Much Sky," "Summer's Almost Gone" and "Burn." "Those were ones that were very much built around guitars," says Dundas. "And that was something that we wanted to do: for it to very much be a guitar record. It doesn't mean it can't have other stuff – the first record had lots of other stuff bubbling away underneath – but at the heart of it, if you strip everything away, that's the vibe."

It is a spirit that characterizes the whole album: from the first thud of its heartbeat kick drum, opener "Thick As Thieves" feels like it is a big chorus waiting to explode out of a box, and when that chorus does come – with its talk of "making noise and shouting" – this feels like a band who have discovered, or maybe re-discovered, who they truly are. The echoing, direct guitar lines and rumbling rhythm section of "Burn," for example, already sound like they should be reverberating around stadiums – and like the work of a band who are unashamed about wanting to connect with as many people as possible.

Positivity washes through the songs, to the extent that there is one song – possibly the most anthemic of all the songs in a very anthemic set – called "Alive" which goes "It feels so good...so good to be alive." The chorus on "Fall Together," meanwhile, runs, "Raise your voice because the time is now or never/And if we have to fall we'll fall together." "Riverina" is, Mandagi says, "a song about the power of songs."

The Temper Trap Thick As Thieves Track Listing:

1. Thick As Thieves
2. So Much Sky
3. Burn
4. Lost
5. Fall Together
6. Alive
7. Riverina
8. Summer's Almost Gone
9. Tombstone
10. What If I'm Wrong
11. Ordinary World

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