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The Vibrators - V2 on LP - direct audio

The Vibrators - V2 on LP

Cleopatra Records

  • $ 1899

The Vibrators V2 on LP

Limited edition vinyl re-issue from Cleopatra of the second Vibrators album, V2, featuring the punk-rock classics “Pure Mania,” “Automatic Love” and “24 Hour People” among others! V2 was originally released in April of 1978 and reached number 33 on the British Charts, and is still regarded today as one of New Waves finest moments.

The Vibrators V2 Track Listing:

1. Pure Mania
2. Automatic Lover
3. Flying Duck Theory
4. Public Enemy No. 1
5. Destroy
6. Nazi Baby
7. Wake Up
8. Sulphate
9. 24 Hour People
10. Fall In Love
11. Feel Alright
12. War Zone
13. Troops Of Tomorrow

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