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The Warlocks - Heavy Deavy Skull Lover Vinyl LP - direct audio

The Warlocks - Heavy Deavy Skull Lover Vinyl LP

Tee Pee Records

  • $ 1998

The Warlocks Heavy Deavy Skull Lover Vinyl LP

With this album, The Warlocks signed to Tee Pee Records, a small psychedelia-themed record label also home to band cohorts, The Brian Jonestown Massacre, who reportedly requested that The Warlocks be signed.

In contrast to the more refined sounding and major label released Surgery, the album features a rougher and less melodic sound, described by Drowned in Sound as akin to an "elongated jamming session".

Critics noted the album's darker sound than previous Warlocks albums. Describing the album's sound and mood, Pitchfork Media wrote: "The end goal here is The Cure: Live at Pompeii – lo-fi dirges heavy on slow-motion distortion, but with Hecksher's usual stoned-out sighs replaced by more pronounced, mopey affectations. That the bookend tracks both feature the word 'death' in the title offers some indication of the kind of mood he's in, and the pervasively dreary mood makes it hard to tell where the pained opener 'The Valley of Death' ends and the quicksand-slow descent of 'Moving Mountains' begins.

"Spin described the album as The Warlocks being "more funereal than ever". PopMatters countered, writing "Though 'The Valley of Death' starts the record off with a dreary note, the record itself is altogether quite glorious, buzzing and sticky with muck that's convincingly part saccharine."

The Warlocks Heavy Deavy Skull Lover Track Listing:

1. The Valley of Death
2. Moving Mountains
3. So Paranoid
4. Slip Beneath
5. Zombie Like Lovers
6. Dreamless Days
7. Interlude in Reverse
8. Death, I Hear You Walking

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