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The Who - The BBC Sessions Import Vinyl LP - direct audio

The Who - The BBC Sessions Import Vinyl LP

Polydor Records

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The Who The BBC Sessions Import Vinyl LP

The band blazes through these songs so fast -- and you thought the Ramones and the Minutemen invented that kind of lightning-speed concision -- that it's easy to miss how perfectly constructed they are. The Who's sound rests on the tension between carefully defined pop-song structures pushed to the breaking point by the band's propulsive, chaotic power. Singer Roger Daltrey and bassist John Enthwhistle are hardly slouches, but guitarist Pete Townshend and drummer Keith Moon are true wonders.

They wail with such unrestrained glee that they frequently threaten to blow these songs apart. Then, by some miracle, they land in time, and the song ends. All that in two-and-a-half minutes -- with lovely, Beach Boys-derived vocal harmonies to boot. That's why it's earned the right to be called classic rock -- and why this disc is such an unadulterated pleasure from start to finish.

1. My Generation [Radio 1 Jingle]
2. Anyway, Anyhow, Anywhere
3. Good Lovin'
4. Just You and Me, Darling
5. Leaving Here
6. My Generation
7. Good's Gone
8. La-La Lies
9. Substitute
10. Dancing in the Street
11. Disguises
12. I'm a Boy
13. Run Run Run
14. Boris the Spider
15. Happy Jack
16. See My Way
17. Pictures of Lilly
18. Quick One, While He's Away
19. Substitute
20. Seeker
21. I'm Free
22. Shakin' All Over
23. Relay
24. Long Live Rock
25. Boris the Spider (Radio 1 Jingle)

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