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The Wild Reeds - Cheers Vinyl LP - direct audio

The Wild Reeds - Cheers Vinyl LP

Dualtone Records

  • $ 2198

The Wild Reeds Cheers Vinyl LP

The Wild Reeds are a band led by women, and that matters. Not a sister band, not a girl group, but a band fronted by three women, all talented singers, songwriters, and multi-instrumentalists in their own right: Kinsey Lee, Mackenzie Howe, and Sharon Silva, with drummer Nick Jones and bass player Nick Phakpiseth providing the Los Angeles-based band's rhythmic foundation. Like a harmony at its euphoric best, the leads' powerful - and powerfully distinct - voices merge to form a sound that can only be The Wild Reeds.

On their third LP, Cheers, the band comes together to create an ode to the joys and pains of camaraderie. Lee, Howe, and Silva lean into their differences for the first time, giving one another unprecedented amounts of freedom to execute their own songs. Each was allowed room to pursue her vision, while always leaving an open door for the other members to step in and collaborate. For all the exploration on Cheers, the result is still tight and cohesive. It makes room for infectious sing-along anthems ("Moving Target"), tinges of R&B ("Lose My Mind"), lilting '60s pop-rock waltzes that build to resounding finishes ("Cheers," "Get Better"), haunting balladry ("Run and Hide," "My Name"), and even a gloriously hook-heavy track started as a tongue-in-cheek pop punk throwback ("P.S. Nevermind").

Cheers was born out of a strange and painful time, full of tough break-ups, family deaths, and discord within the band itself. The 13 songs are snapshots from that upheaval, touching on illness, therapy, heartbreak and disconnection from three perspectives. Some of the sunniest songs contain the darkest undercurrents, and The Wild Reeds don't shy away from sadness or open endings. It creates beauty out of contradictions: finding community in individuality, tenderness in confrontation, joy in the midst of grief and pain. Threaded throughout is a deep sense of gratitude for the band itself, and the songs became a way for the members to talk to each other - an intimate language that was at times contentious, but in the end, healing.

Ultimately Cheers is hopeful, celebratory, and communal; life can break your heart, but friends can mend it. The Wild Reeds' trials have only strengthened their commitment to each other, and resulted in their strongest and most unified record to date.

The Wild Reeds Cheers Track Listing:

1. Moving Target
2. Telepathic Mail
3. A Way To Stop
4. Lose My Mind
5. Play It Safe
6. Young and Impressionable
7. Giving Up On You
8. Don't Pretend
9. P.S. Nevermind
10. Run and Hide
11. My Name
12. Get Better
13. Cheers

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