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The Wild Reeds - The World We Built Vinyl LP - direct audio

The Wild Reeds - The World We Built Vinyl LP

Dualtone Records

  • $ 2498

The Wild Reeds The World We Built Vinyl LP

The Wild Reeds' sound is highlighted by the interweaving vocal harmonies of three phenomenally talented front-women - Kinsey Lee, Sharon Silva and Mackenzie Howe - who swap lead vocal duties and shuffle between an array of acoustic and electric instruments throughout the set. They are backed by a rhythm section of Nick Jones (drums) and Nick Phakpiseth (bass). Each with their own style, The Wild Reeds' three songwriters make music that is dynamic and unpredictable. They write lyrics and melodies with the thoughtfulness of seasoned folk artists, and perform with the reckless enthusiasm of a young punk band in a garage. Warm acoustic songs and harmonium pump organ seamlessly give way to fuzzed-out shredding and guitar distortion.

With the release of The World We Built, the Los Angeles-based quintet continues a national breakthrough that has been rapidly growing since the release of their EP Best Wishes in 2016. Lead single "Only Songs" was written by Howe, and highlights her rock-centric approach, inspired by the '60s and '70s rock songs her mother raised her on. Lee penned the second song on the album, "Fall To Sleep," a lament to her own mental health under the strains of both a nine-to-five job and the extremes of a touring musician's life. True to her roots in folk music, it begins on a soft note, as a dreamy acoustic ballad, before taking a slightly darker turn, breaking into distorted guitar parts and a Pixies-esque chorus. Silva's contemplative, complex lyrical approach is best represented on the anthemic standout track "Capable."

Recorded by producer Peter Katis (The National, Interpol, Local Natives) at Tarquin Studios in Connecticut, The World We Built captures the emotionality of their live shows perfectly, and elevates their sound to a whole new level.

The Wild Reeds The World We Built Track Listing:

1. Only Songs
2. Fall to Sleep
3. Everything Looks Better (In Hindsight)
4. Fix You Up
5. Patience
6. Not an Option
7. Capable
8. Back to Earth
9. Catch and Release
10. The World We Built
11. Fruition

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