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Thievery Corporation - Radio Retaliation on 2LP - direct audio

Thievery Corporation - Radio Retaliation on Vinyl 2LP

ESL Music Records

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Thievery Corporation Radio Retaliation on Vinyl 2LP

Although some may pin Thievery Corporation as the soundtrack to their cocktail infused late night soiree, the duo have always drawn deep from the well of independent and confrontational music subculture their home town of Washington D.C. is known for, to produce an ever expanding globally conscious catalog of music that is difficult to classify.

Starting in 1996 with two international underground hit vinyl singles “Shaolin Satellite” and “2001 Spliff Odyssey,” released on their own indie record label ESL Music, Rob Garza and Eric Hilton soon released Sounds from The Thievery Hi-Fi; an album that defined a genre and crystallized their distinct “outernational sound” aesthetic.

Over the next decade the duo would remix the likes of David Byrne, The Doors, and Sarah McLachlan, and record three more critically acclaimed albums of original material, each one transcending the last in scope, style, and message: The Mirror Conspiracy (2000), The Richest Man in Babylon (2002), and The Cosmic Game (2005).

In 2008, Thievery Corporation issued their incendiary fifth independent studio record, Radio Retaliation. The album finds inspiration in the uncompromising political music of groups like the Clash, Public Enemy, and Fela Kuti and is without a doubt their broadest and most progressive album yet. The duo raised the bar with a new cast of musical collaborators here as well including Nigeria’s afro-beat heir Femi Kuti, Brazilian star vocalist and guitarist Seu Jorge, Indian sitar virtuoso Anushka Shankar, Slovakian chanteuse and violinist Jana Andevska, and Washington DC’s own go-go originator Chuck Brown. Also returning are long time microphone co-conspirators Sleepy Wonder, Lou Lou, Notch, Zee, and Verny Varela.

“This record is also our most internationally oriented,” explains Garza, describing how Radio Retaliation touches upon the eclectic sounds of Jamaica, Latin America, Africa, Asia, and the Middle East. “We worked with artists from around the world. The roots of our inspiration have always come from what is happening globally, and at the moment there is so much happening, on every level.”

Thievery Corporation Radio Retaliation Track Listing:

1. Sound The Alarm
2. Mandala
3. Radio Retaliation
4. Vampires
5. Hare Krsna
6. El Pueblo Unido
7. (The Forgotten People)
8. 33 Degree
9. Beautiful Drug
10. Le Femme Parallel
11. Retaliation Suite
12. The Numbers Game
13. The Shining Path
14. Blasting Through the City
15. Sweet Tides

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