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Thievery Corporation - The Cosmic Game on 2LP - direct audio

Thievery Corporation - The Cosmic Game on Vinyl 2LP

ESL Music Records

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Thievery Corporation The Cosmic Game on Vinyl 2LP

Although some may pin Thievery Corporation as the soundtrack to their cocktail infused late night soiree, the duo have always drawn deep from the well of independent and confrontational music subculture their home town of Washington D.C. is known for, to produce an ever expanding globally conscious catalog of music that is difficult to classify.

Starting in 1996 with two international underground hit vinyl singles “Shaolin Satellite” and “2001 Spliff Odyssey,” released on their own indie record label ESL Music, Rob Garza and Eric Hilton soon released Sounds from The Thievery Hi-Fi; an album that defined a genre and crystallized their distinct “outernational sound” aesthetic.

Over the next decade the duo would remix the likes of David Byrne, The Doors, and Sarah McLachlan, and record three more critically acclaimed albums of original material, each one transcending the last in scope, style, and message: The Mirror Conspiracy (2000), The Richest Man in Babylon (2002), and The Cosmic Game (2005).

The Cosmic Game, found the duo in one of their most expansive moods yet, with masterful sonic explorations that blur the boundaries of rock, breaks, future-bossa, dub, psychedelia and other mind-altering sounds. Includes outstanding politically minded collaborations with rock luminaries Perry Farrell, The Flaming Lips' Wayne Coyne and David Byrne as well as Thievery’s always diverse cast of dancehall MC’s, smokey-voiced chanteuses and Brazilian percussionists.

Thievery Corporation The Cosmic Game Track Listing:

1. Marching the Hate Machines (Into the Sun) featuring Wayne Coyne
2. Warning Shots featuring Sleepy Wonder and Gunjan
3. The Revolution Solution featuring Perry Farrell
4. The Cosmic Game
5. Satyam Shivam Sundaram featuring Gunjan
6. Amerimacka featuring Notch
7. Ambicion Eterna (Eternal Ambition) featuring Verny Varela
8. Pela Janela (Through the Window) featuring Gigi Rezende
9. Sol Tapado (The Covered Sun) featuring Patrick de Santos
10. The Heart's a Lonely Hunter featuring David Byrne
11. Holographic Universe featuring Gunjan
12. Doors of Perception featuring Gunjan
13. Wires and Watchtowers featuring Sista Pat
14. The Supreme Illusion featuring Gunjan
15. The Time We Lost Out Way featuring Loulou
16. A Gentle Dissolve

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