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Timothy Seth Avett As Darling (Avett Brothers) - IV 180g Vinyl LP - direct audio

Timothy Seth Avett As Darling (Avett Brothers) - IV 180g Vinyl LP

Ramseur Records

  • $ 1998

Timothy Seth Avett As Darling (Avett Brothers) IV 180g Vinyl LP

The Avett Brothers have received 3 Grammy nominations, including Best Americana Album (2017) for True Sadness and Best American Roots Performance (2017) for "Ain't No Man".

A lot can happen in twelve years. It is beyond probable (if not brutally unavoidable) that such a period of time could render a man nearly unrecognizable to his older self. I would not categorize the young man who made three records under the pen name ‘Darling’ (incidentally, me) as unrecognizable, but I can say perhaps that we are vaguely disassociated. Those 3 albums, written between 1999 and 2005 and recorded anywhere except a recording studio (the bulk being tracked in my bedroom and parents’ garage) follow the exceedingly lonesome course of a kid barely out of high school through a shaky introduction to manhood.

They were recorded alone (with cheap microphones) composed alone (with expensive sentimentality), defined by loving befuddlement, and darkened by an all-consuming breakup. I look at them now with an appreciation for where I was, with no small measure of gratitude that I am no longer there. What has not changed however, is that there are still songs that come along which make sense in my mind as fitting only on a ‘Darling’ record. Truthfully, in the decade-plus that has passed since I last released a solo piece, there have been many songs of this nature.

Consequently I have written, designed, edited, and put this record out many times in my mind. Inevitably, however, life would change and the conceptual direction would change with it. It is changing now as I write this. But after twelve birthdays, twelve New Year’s Eve’s, and twelve winters, I have a portrait I am compelled to commit to the canon of self-portraits.

Timothy Seth Avett As Darling (Avett Brothers) IV Track Listing:

1. Disappointing You
2. Should We Move
3. Samuel and The Baler
4. Songbird
5. Weakness and A Strength
6. Faith Undefined
7. Your World
8. Are You Thinking of Me
9. In These Boots
10. My True Story/A Life to Live
11. Waiting For Something To Die

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