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Tom Holkenborg - Mortal Engines Original Motion Picture Soundtrack Vinyl 2LP - direct audio

Tom Holkenborg - Mortal Engines Original Motion Picture Soundtrack Vinyl 2LP

Backlot Music

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Tom Holkenborg Mortal Engines Original Motion Picture Soundtrack Vinyl 2LP

Original soundtrack to the 2019 motion picture. Tom Holkenborg is a Grammy Award-nominated and multiplatinum producer, musician and composer whose versatility puts him on the cutting edge of contemporary music, as well as at the vanguard of exciting new film composers. His film scoring credits include Mad Max: Fury Road, Deadpool, Black Mass, Divergent, Brimstone, Dark Tower and Tomb Raider.

Composer Tom Holkenborg (aka Junkie XL) starts his morning routine at 3 a.m. By the early afternoon, he’s already well into the work day when we meet at the studio adjacent to his home in Tarzana. “Sometimes you have a 24-hour deadline, and you have to have all the ability to do everything at once,” says Holkenborg, reclining in a chair behind the mixing board of his home studio.

If the 50-year-old DJ-turned-composer has a trademark sound, it can be found in the modern, propulsive work he’s done on recent blockbusters like Mad Max: Fury Road and Deadpool. But that’s an impression he’d like to change. For the big-budget YA action-drama Mortal Engines, Holkenborg mixed synths and other electronic elements with the New Zealand Symphony Orchestra to deliver what he considers to be his most evolved score to date.

“Like my work on Max Max: Fury Road and Deadpool, this is a score that’s incredibly modern,” the composer shares. “At the same time, I’m honoring the traditions of using thematic material with recognizable melodies played over soaring strings and brass.”

After receiving the call for Mortal Engines, Holkenborg flew to New Zealand to meet with husband and wife producers Peter Jackson and Fran Walsh, along with director Christian Rivers. The reception was incredibly warm, and unlike any of his previous Hollywood meetings.

“Christian, Peter, Fran and myself were sitting around Peter’s kitchen table in Wellington, discussing the film over great food and wine,” Holkenborg recalls. “Creatively, this film was driven by a family dynamic that was established right from the start. It never felt like business.”

Tom Holkenborg Mortal Engines Original Motion Picture Soundtrack Track Listing:


1. London Suite in C Major
2. No-One You Know
3. The Chase
4. Welcome to London
5. Miss Valentine
6. This Is for My Mother
7. The Outlands
8. A Resurrected Man
9. Ms. Fang
10. In a Sea of Clouds


1. The Weapon of the Ancients
2. Shan Guo
3. I Am the Meteor
4. First Strike
5. Night Sundered
6. In the Shadow of a Shrine
7. No Going Back
8. Windflower
9. The 13th Floor Elevator
10. Alive and Together

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