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Tom Ze - Todos Os Olhos 180g Vinyl LP - direct audio

Tom Ze - Todos Os Olhos 180g Vinyl LP


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Tom Ze Todos Os Olhos 180g Vinyl LP

A seminal figure of the early-'70s Tropicalismo movement in Brazil that launched the careers of Caetano Veloso, Gilberto Gil and Os Mutantes, among others, Tom Ze is a genre unto himself like Lee Perry, George Clinton, Kip Hanrahan and Hal Willner, an uncompromising ringmaster with a talent for marshaling mighty forces to manifest his idiosyncratic musical visions. "I don't make art," he has said. "I make spoken or sung journalism."

1973's Todos Os Olhos is the fourth album from the Brazilian legend. The joke with this one is that the album art, which looks like an eyeball, is actually a photo of a marble shoved up someone's anus – a little jab at the Brazilian dictatorship's office of censorship, which apparently didn't recognize a mirror when they saw one. Ze's nutty side comes dancing to the fore here, with some of his more playful, deliberately challenging arrangements. Lots of clinky, clattering percussion, dangling guitar notes and a spiritedly goofy vocal chorus.

Tom Ze Todos Os Olhos Track Listing:

1. Complexo De Épico
2. A Noite Do Meu Bem
3. Cademar
4. Todos Os Olhos
5. Dodó E Zezé
6. Quando Eu Era Ninguém
7. Brigitte Bradot
8. Augusta, Angélica E Consolação
9. Botaram Tanta Fumaça
10. O Riso E A Faca
11. Um "Oh" E UM "Ah"
12. Complexo De Épico

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