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Turbonegro - Rocknroll Machine Vinyl LP - direct audio

Turbonegro - Rocknroll Machine Vinyl LP

Burger Records

  • $ 2098

Turbonegro Rocknroll Machine Vinyl LP

It's been over six years now since the word got out that the Titans from The Big O (Oslo, Norway) were re-resurrected for a second time since their grimy beginnings back in 1989. November 2015 heralded the unveiling of the first new music from Turbonegro since 2012's Sexual Harassment. "Hot For Nietzsche" found our boys in full throttle, staring the void right in the face and raising a glass to its honor.

May 2016 saw Turbonegro unleash another single "Special Education," a story of a teenage boy's fall from academic grace and the cruel and unusual discipline he finds at the very bottom. And so finally, in the wake of the infamous blizzards of the Scandinavian Winter of 2017, the savvy six gathered in the studio in Oslo to record their ninth studio album, Rocknroll Machine.

Vocalist Tony Sylvester had this to say about the new material: "We've spent the the past years honing our skills. The music we are releasing now is more distilled, more refined, more pointed, more powerful; we traveled to the future and this is what we heard on the radio!"

Turbonegro Rocknroll Machine Track Listing:

1. Suite: The Rock and Roll Machine
2. Part I: Chrome Ozone Creation
3. Part II: Well Hello
4. Part III: RockNRoll Machine
5. Hurry Up & Die
6. Fist City
7. Skinhead Rock & Roll
8. Hot For Nietzsche
9. On the Rag
10. Let the Punishment Fit the Behind
11. John Carpenter Powder Ballad
12. Special Education

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