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Tuxedomoon - The Vinyl Box on Limited Edition Vinyl 10LP Box Set - direct audio

Tuxedomoon - The Vinyl Box on Limited Edition Vinyl 10LP Box Set

Crammed Disc

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Tuxedomoon The Vinyl Box on Limited Edition Vinyl 10LP Box Set

To celebrate Tuxedomoon's 38th anniversary, here is an elaborate, luxurious, bountiful, 10-vinyl artifact. It contains the band's main 9 studio albums (three of which have never appeared on vinyl before), and an album entirely consisting of previously-unreleased tracks, entitled Appendix. Plus a 28-page 12"-sized book with original notes by the band members - who reminisce about the recording of these albums - as well all the lyrics/credits, and a single code for downloading the content of the ten albums.

Born in 1977, in the electronic music lab of San Francisco City College, Tuxedomoon have kept rising phoenix-like from their own ashes on more than one occasion, continuing to reinvent themselves and defy classification, and avoiding many of the pitfalls usually associated with success and longevity. In the late 70s/early 80s, Tuxedomoon played a central part in San Francisco's post-punk golden age and New York's No Wave scene. "No Tears," their second single, has remained an electropunk club classic to this day.

The band went on to sign to The Residents' Ralph Records in 1979, and released two seminal albums (Half Mute and Desire) which soon got them overseas exposure, and established them as one of the leading avant-garde pop bands. Fleeing Reagan's America, Tuxedomoon moved to Europe in the early-80s, and stayed there throughout the decade. Although their ability to crystallize a certain dark and romantic zeitgeist quickly turned them into one of the most influential bands around, their music transcended all genres and included impossibly wide parameters – rock, electronics, minimal music, classical, jazz, Gypsy music and pop were all simultaneously consumed and transmutated into a quasi-prescient blend.

After releasing a string of albums on CramBoy (the imprint they set up with Brussels-based label Crammed Discs), the band stopped recording together in 1988, and the various members pursued solo careers, becoming as disparate geographically as sonically, with Steven Brown living in Mexico, Peter Principle in New York, Blaine Reininger in Greece, and Dutch trumpet player Luc Van Lieshout (who had joined the band in '85) in Brussels.

Tuxedomoon got back together since 2003 to write and record the awesome Cabin In The Sky, Bardo Hotel Soundtrack and Vapour Trails albums, which found them in absolute top form. These albums were warmly welcomed, and a wildly eclectic array of references sprang from the pens of reviewers trying to describe Tuxedomoon's music (Charles Ives, Radiohead, Philip Glass, Miles Davis, German electronica, Tom Waits, John Cage, Kurt Weill, Tortoise, Can.). Which confirms the fact that Tuxedomoon were never connected to a particular period: they had become '80s cult figures simply because that's the period in which they happened to develop and rise to fame...but the band have always been evolving in their own space, and their music is as relevant and fresh today as it was then.


• Limited Edition 10LP Box Set
• Featuring the band's main 9 studio albums & compilation of previously unreleased tracks called Apendix
• 28-page 12"-sized book with original notes by the band members
• Single code for downloading the content of the ten albums

Tuxedomoon The Vinyl Box Set Track Listing:

Half Mute (1980)

1. Nazca
2. 59 to1
3. Fifth Column
4. Tritone (Musica Diablo)
5. Loneliness
6. James Whale
7. What Use ?
8. Volo Vivace
9. 7 Years
10. KM
11. Seeding The Clouds
12. Nervous Guy
13. Where Interests Lie
14. (Special Treatment For The) Family Man
15. Midnite Stroll

Desire (1981)

1. East/Jinx/.../Music #1
2. Victims Of The Dance
3. Incubus (Blue Suit)
4. Desire
5. Again
6. In The Name Of Talent (Italian Western Two)
7. Holiday For Plywood
8. New Machine
9. Litebulb Overkill
10. Nite And Day (Hommage à Cole Porter)
11. No Tears

Holy Wars (1985)

1. The Waltz
2. St John
3. Bonjour Tristesse
4. Hugging The Earth
5. In A Manner Of Speaking
6. Some Guys
7. Holy Wars
8. Watching The Blood Flow
9. Egypt
10. Soma

Ship Of Fools (1986)

1. Atlantis
2. Reeding, Righting, Rhythmatic
3. Break the Rules
4. A Piano Solo
5. Lowlands Tone Poem
6. Music for Piano + Guitar
7. An Afternoon With N
8. The Train

You (1987)

1. Roman P.
2. The Train
3. 2000
4. Never Ending Story
5. Stockholm
6. Boxman (Mr. Niles)
7. Spirits & Ghosts
8. Boxman (The City)
9. You
10. Boxman (Home)

The Ghost Sonata (1991)

1. The Funeral of a Friend
2. The Ghost Sonata
3. Catalyst
4. An Affair at the Soiree
5. Music Number Two
6. A Drowning
7. The Cascade
8. A Mystic Death
9. Basso Pomade
10. Licorice Stick Ostinato
11. The Laboratory
12. Les Odalisques
13. An Unsigned Postcard
14. Music Number Two (reprise)

Cabin In The Sky (2004)

1. A Home Away
2. Baron Brown
3. Annuncialto
4. Diario Di Un Egoista
5. La Più Bella
6. Cagli Five-0
7. Here 'Til X-mas
8. Chinese Mike
9. La Più Bella reprise
10. The Island
11. Misty Blue
12. Luther Blisset
13. Annuncialto Redux (Tarwater Mix)

Bardo Hotel Soundtrack (2006)

1. Hurry up and Wait (Flying Sequence)
2. Effervescing in the Nether Sphere
3. Soup du Jour
4. Flying Again
5. Triptych
6. I'm Real Stupid
7. Airport Blues
8. Needles Prelude
9. Prometheus Bound
10. The Show Goes On: Baron Brown
11. The Show Goes On: Jinx
12. The Show Goes On: Lonliness
13. Remote (Pralaya)
14. Dream Flight
15. More Flying
16. Vulcanic, Combustible
17. Mr. Comfort
18. Another Flight
19. Invocation Of
20. Carry On Circles

Vapour Trails (2007)

1. Muchos Colores
2. Still Small Voice
3. Kubrick
4. Big Olive
5. Dark Temple
6. Dizzy
7. Epso Meth Lama
8. Wading Into Love

Appendix (2015 - bonus LP with unreleased material)

1. I Heard It Through The Grapevine 1977
2. A Fez Goes To Brooklyn 1983
3. Soma 1980
4. Ballad Of A Coal Miner 1978
5. Les Six 1997
6. Everything You Want 1978
7. Nimrod 1986
8. Spirits And Ghosts 1985
9. Boxman 2 2008
10. Izzis Omeh 1985
11. San Casciano Idyll 2006
12. Bitter Bark 1997
13. Litebulb Overkill 1978

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