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Vaya Con Dios - Time Flies Numbered Limited Edition Colored 180g Import Vinyl LP

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  • $ 2598

Vaya Con Dios Time Flies Numbered Limited Edition Colored 180g Import Vinyl LP

Numbered Limited Edition Transparent Vinyl - Only 750 Copies!

Vaya Con Dios was founded in 1986 by Dirk Schoufs, Dani Klein and Willy Lambregt. Their 1990 album Night Owls became their global breakthrough album, including hits such as "Nah Neh Nah" and "What's a Woman?"

In 1991, Schoufs and Klein fell out badly, resulting in Schoufs' departure from the band. He died a few months later, on 24 May 1991, at the age of 29, of a cocktail of medication, alcohol and drugs.

Dani, left playing with just Gielen and various musicians, continued to record a new Vaya Con Dios album, while at the same time doing more and more international performances, due to ever increasing popularity. In 1992, Time Flies was released, produced mostly by Klein herself. Three singles were released from the album, the dramatic "Heading For a Fall" doing well in several countries. The other two being "Time Flies" & "So Long Ago".

The album did very well in Europe, reaching number one in Switzerland and The Netherlands and getting platinum certification in four countries, eventually proving to be the most successful Vaya Con Dios album. In 1993 it was followed with the first Vaya Con Dios world tour.

Due to the tragic circumstances surrounding the unfortunate passing of Dirk Schoufs, Time Flies became a somewhat more melancholic album and is more blues and soul oriented.

As part of the Brewed In Belgium campaign, Time Flies is now available as a limited edition. 750, individually numbered, copies on transparent vinyl are available.

Vaya Con Dios Time Flies Track Listing:

1. Time Flies
2. Forever Blue
3. Farewell Song
4. So Long Ago
5. Still A Man
6. Heading For A Fall
7. Mothers And Daughters
8. Listen
9. Bold And Untrue
10. Muddy Waters
11. For You
12. Brave Jane
13. At The Parallel

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