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Vipassi - Sunyata Limited Edition Vinyl LP - direct audio

Vipassi - Sunyata Limited Edition Vinyl LP

Season of Mist Records

  • $ 2198

Vipassi Sunyata Limited Edition Vinyl LP

Australia offers up another technical gem from its cradle of metallic riches with Vipassi and their stunning debut album Sunyata. Featuring guitarist Ben Boyle and Ne Obliviscaris members Benjamin Baret, Brendan Brown, and Daniel Presland, Vipassi deliver forward-thinking instrumental metal spilling over with ultra-precise riffing and fleet-fingered, fretboard gymnastics. Tracks like "Benzaiten," "Jove," "Elpis" and more make Sunyata a must-listen for fans of progressive heavy music, and prove that Vipassi are committed to a way that is always forward.

Vipassi Sunyata Track Listing:

1. Gaia
2. Benzaiten
3. Jove
4. Sum
5. Elpis
6. Paradise
7. Samsara

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