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Watain - Sworn To The Dark on Limited Edition 2LP + Download Card - direct audio

Watain - Sworn To The Dark on Limited Edition 2LP + Download Card

Season of Mist Records

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Watain Sworn To The Dark on Limited Edition 2LP + Download Card

As any Black Metal fan knows, Sweden's Watain have stormed from the hellish pits of the underground onto the covers of the biggest Metal magazines worldwide. Their latest masterpiece Lawless Darkness (2010) was praised by critics and fans alike, scored a massive number of highest grades and went on to collect many "album of the year" titles and top list entries.

Combining servere blackness with melodies and beauty of the darkest kind, Watain keeps the raw underground spirit burning! Watain is truly one of the best and most dangerous metal bands in the world, their name strikes awe in fans and peers alike, the insanity of their live shows is unparalleled in all of modern metal.

To celebrate a band that critics have called "the most important Black Metal act of the decade," Season of Mist is re-releasing the Swedes' complete full-length back catalog on vinyl including Rabid Death's Curse (2000), Casus Luciferi (2003), Sworn to the Dark (2007) and Lawless Darkness (2010). All albums have been painstakingly remastered to keep the original spirit of intent. Rabid Death's Curse, Casus Luciferi and Lawless Darkness also include bonus tracks.

As was the case with it's predecessor, again it took Watain three years to define the nature of the work that became their third full-length. However, even more praise than ever before was heaped upon the musical extremists after releasing Sworn to the Dark in 2007. This album proved to be another stepping stone in their steeply rising career and saw the band teaming up with Season of Mist for the first time. Sworn to the Dark is an immense discharge of magic and death that stands as an ultimate Black Metal monolith! Gatefold double vinyl reissue with download card.

Watain Sworn To The Dark Track Listing:

1. Legions of the black Light
2. Satan's Hunger
3. Withershins
4. Storm of the Antichrist
5. The Light that burns the Sun
6. Sworn to the Dark
7. Underneath the Cenotaph
8. The Serpent's Chalice
9. Darkness and Death
10. Dead but dreaming
11. Stellarvore

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