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Weather Report - Heavy Weather Limited Edition 180g Vinyl LP - direct audio

Weather Report - Heavy Weather Limited Edition 180g Vinyl LP

Friday Music

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Weather Report Heavy Weather on Limited Edition 180g Vinyl LP

Rarely has an individual player so radically transformed an already established band as Jaco Pastorius did upon joining Weather Report in 1976. Not only did the electric bassist set a new direction for the band, leading it to unprecedented commercial success, he also rewrote the rules for his instrument. Long after his tragic death, Pastorius remains the single most influential electric bassist, his virtuosic, daring, and eminently funky playing still a model for countless instrumentalists.

His work with Weather Report is indeed among the very finest of his truncated career. With co-founders Joe Zawinul and Wayne Shorter at the helm, Weather Report had already positioned itself as one of the leading fusion ensembles of the era. Yet when the brash young - and practically unknown - bassist elbowed his way into the band, he very quickly injected an energy and infectious rhythmic feel that solidified the various musical directions the band had been investigating. The bassist's amalgamation of jazz, R&B, and world music influences lent an irresistible spice to the Weather Report brew.

Pastorius' startling playing, both wildly frenetic and deeply lyrical, enlivened such Weather Report gems as "Birdland" and "A Remark You Made," two signature classics from the band's 1977 masterpiece and biggest selling album, Heavy Weather. Limited edition 180g vinyl reissue from Friday Music, mastered by Joe Reagoso and manufactured by R.T.I.

Weather Report Heavy Weather Track Listing:

1. Birdland
2. A Remark You Made
3. Teen Town
4. Harlequin
5. Rumba Mamá
6. Palladíum
7. The Juggler
8. Havona

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