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Weird Dreams - Luxury Alone Vinyl LP (Special Order) - direct audio

Weird Dreams - Luxury Alone Vinyl LP (Special Order)

Tough Love Records

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Weird Dreams Luxury Alone Vinyl LP

Weird Dreams is the nom-de-plume of Doran Edwards, a London-based artist returning nearly four years after the release of his band's debut album, Choreography. This new record is a collection of ten songs made over a three year period of uncertain times in various homes, and was written, produced, performed and mixed by Edwards.

Luxury Alone documents a very difficult period of emotional turmoil and various health issues for Edwards, and the result is an extremely moving and beautiful personal journey. "All this music is how I felt in the world. I eventually choose to learn to mix the record myself, design my own fantasy image and then have that world disappear," he explains. Luxury Alone is hundreds of songs cut down to just ten.

Weird Dreams Luxury Alone Track Listing:

1. Binary
2. Heaven's Hounds
3. The Ladder
4. Neon Frotic
5. Mirror
6. Fantasy Building - Part I
7. Fantasy Buildin - Part II
8. Digital Water
9. Chalk Scrawls
10. Calm
11. Days

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