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Weltesser - Crestfallen Limited Edition Colored Vinyl LP - direct audio

Weltesser - Crestfallen Limited Edition Colored Vinyl LP

Prosthetic Records

  • $ 2198

Weltesser Crestfallen Limited Edition Colored Vinyl LP

Weltesser is the ringing in your head after a punch. They're fueled by sour diesel and misery – a trio guided by feedback since 2014. Ian Hronek (Rotting Palms, Landbridge), Nate Peterson (Rotting Palms, Sky Burial) and Mike Amador (Landbridge) met in Saint Petersburg, FL over Sabbath worship and Monolord. Now, a year after their inaugural demo release – a syrupy four track cassette – Weltesser delivers their first LP, Crestfallen via Prosthetic Records. Self-produced and engineered by Dan Byers, Crestfallen is six tracks clocking in at 30 minutes of sickening, metallic doom.

Through unnerving riffs and thick bass tone, they forge a swollen atmosphere only to destroy it, and fittingly so, as Weltesser is German for world-eater. A slow roast that simmers on heavy drums and deep vocals, Crestfallen is seamless and self-aware. Their sound is inspired by Dystopia, His Hero is Gone, and Laudanum, lending a humble maturity beyond three years.

Weltesser Crestfallen Track Listing:

1. Regret
2. Guide
3. Living To Try
4. Terminal
5. Rats
6. Crestfallen

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