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White Denim - Side Effects Colored Vinyl LP - direct audio

White Denim - Side Effects Colored Vinyl LP

City Slang Records

  • $ 2198

White Denim Side Effects Colored Vinyl LP

Less than a year after their last album Performance, the ever-prolific White Denim are back with their eighth record Side Effects. More in line with the experimental, freewheeling spirit of their fan-favorite record Last Day of Summer than anything else they've done since, Side Effects is a record that captures the essence of the band's full-throttle live shows. Featuring a rotating cast of band members led by James Petralli and Steve Terebecki, these tracks draw on the sounds of different personnel to create a cohesive whole – the result being an album that's as varied and vivacious as anything they've ever done.

Side Effects takes on a more incisive feel than previous White Denim records. Contrary to Performance - the story of a questioning performer on stage - Side Effects is the off-stage life of the man behind the makeup. Spearheaded by Petralli and Terebecki (who tag-teamed production and called in specific talents from their Rolodex of musicians), Side Effects has the feeling of a band providing fan service in a way only White Denim could do – by referencing their own material and putting out a record for fans to dig deep into. "We don't put any limitations on what the band could do or should do in the studio," says Petralli.

Opener "Small Talk (Feeling Control)," barrels out of the gate with a garage-rock prowess not heard from the band since the days of Workout Holiday. Not only does it invoke nostalgia for the band's early days, but its second verse is also from the first batch of lyrics Petralli ever wrote for the band. "Reversed Mirror" meanwhile comes directly from the stage as another take on the live favorite. An expertly crafted instrumental, it's a reworking of both "Mirrored in Reverse" and "Mirrored and Reverse" and perfectly captures the raw, improvisational nature of the live band. "Shanalala" on the other hand sees them embracing a post-punk side in the vein of Suicide – all stuttering, off-kilter electronics and breakneck drum machines.

Then there's the album's centerpiece – the six-minute odyssey "NY Money." It features the backbone of the current live incarnation of the band on record (Petralli, Terebecki, Michael Hunter – keys, Greg Clifford – drums) and effortlessly traverses through the sounds of Soft Machine and Trans Am.

White Denim Side Effects Track Listing:

1. Small Talk (Feeling Control)
2. Hallelujah Strike Gold
3. Shanalala
4. NY Money
5. Out of Doors
6. Reversed Mirror
7. So Emotional
8. Head Spinning
9. Introduce Me

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