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Wilco - Summerteeth on 180-gram Double Vinyl LP + Full-Length CD - direct audio

Wilco - Summerteeth 180g Vinyl 2LP + Full-Length CD

Nonesuch Records

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Wilco Summerteeth 180g Vinyl 2LP + Full-Length CD

Named 1999’s best record by preeminent Chicago Tribune Rock Critic, NPR “Sound Opinions” co-host, and Wilco: Learning to Die book author Greg Kot, Summerteeth is an astonishing work of melodic pop, dark introspection, and lush arrangements. Presenting an entirely different side of Wilco, the album was primarily recorded by vocalist/guitarist Jeff Tweedy and guitarist/multi-instrumentalist Jay Bennett. Unabated by any constraints and assisted by chemicals, the pair delved head-first into the limitless possibilities of studio experimentation.

The record’s gorgeous atmospheres, soaring harmonies, finite textures, and countless arrays of sound effects masterfully balanced the deeply introspective, often disturbing lyrics.

Inspired by literature he consumed on tour, Tweedy’s songwriting is more courageous, dire, and personal. Shaded with violence and addiction, the surrealist narratives of “She’s a Jar” and “A Shot in the Arm” belie the beautiful arrangements, which, as the record progresses, unfold with increasingly uplifting purpose.

Designed to be heard from start-to-finish, Summerteeth plays out like a fever dream, the music floating and hovering, negotiating the difficult balance between melancholy and happiness, with hope ultimately bursting through on the closing songs “Summer Teeth,” “In a Future Age,” and the hidden track “Candyfloss,” the most exuberant piece of bubblegum pop Wilco ever composed.

Largely overdubbed with Pro Tools, Summerteeth remains a sonic extravaganza. Featuring everything from alarm clocks to buzzing synthesizers to brass accents and banjo strings, songs transcend genres and resonate with majestic imagination, gentle warmth, and emotional conviction. A FULLY REALIZED WORK OF SUBLIME AMBIGUITY AND MUSICAL SCOPE, SUMMERTEETH IS ONE OF THE BEST ALBUMS OF THE LAST 25 YEARS.

Now, hear Wilco's absorbing third album in the highest-possible fidelity for the first time ever. Mastered from the original tapes and pressed at Germany’s legendary Pallas facilities, this 180-gram 2-LP version of Summerteeth is guaranteed to beat every other available version. (Plus, it comes with a CD of the complete album: You can't lose.) But don’t wait! Wilco’s Reprise LPs have been fetching hundreds of dollars on eBay for years.

"On their third album, Summerteeth, Wilco create the roots-rock answer to Beck's Odelay, if not to Brian Eno's Another Green World. Like Beck and Eno, and Brian Wilson and the Beatles before them, Wilco use the studio like an instrument, unreeling minimovies of the imagination, blending and then bending the sound of guitars, drums and a thrift-shop array of vintage keyboards." -Greg Kot, Rolling Stone, March 1999

“Acoustics float about the room, dangle around your ears, and lilt across a large soundstage complete with a spaciousness between instruments that allows the enormous variety of instruments to retain their own place. …Summerteeth is a record that demands repeated plays, concentrated exploration, and a place on your shelves next to copies of the Beach Boys’ Pet Sounds and Nick Cave’s Murder Ballads.” –Bob Gendron, The Absolute Sound, May 1999

Wilco Summerteeth Track Listing:

1. Can't Stand It
2. She's a Jar
3. A Shot in the Arm
4. We're Just Friends
5. I'm Always in Love
6. Nothing'severgonnastandinmyway (Again)
7. Pieholden Suite
8. How to Fight Loneliness
9. Via Chicago
10. ELT
11. My Darling
12. When You Wake up Feeling Old
13. Summer Teeth
14. In a Future Age
15. (Hidden Track)
16. Candyfloss (Hidden Track)
17. In a Future Age (Alternate Version) (Hidden Track)

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