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William Onyeabor - Crashes in Love (Original Version) Vinyl LP - direct audio

William Onyeabor - Crashes in Love (Original Version) Vinyl LP

Luakabop Records

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William Onyeabor Crashes in Love (Original Version) Vinyl LP

Crashes in Love was the first album Onyeabor released in 1977. He actually released it twice. As with most things Onyeabor the story is a little vague, but it seems he needed to repress the album and had lost the parts. At least that is the story we heard. This is the first version and is what we call the 'acoustic' version. The later version has somewhat different sounding tracks of different lengths that have electronic instruments on them as well. That is William Onyeabor on the sax by the way, we have no idea what else he played. Some of these songs you have heard before on our compilation and some will be new to you. Original release 1977.

Uchenna, who originally licensed the tracks for us said that Onyeabor had mentioned that he lost the masters for the first album. So I wonder, did he rerecord the record from the record he originally made, shortened the tracks, and added some parts? By the way, the color for the covers of Crashes 1 and 2 are not exactly the same, since there isn't a tune stack on the outside, that color variation is the only way you could tell by looking at it which version you had.

William Onyeabor Crashes in Love (Original Version) Track Listing:

1. Something You'll Never Forget
2. Ride On Baby
3. Crashes In Love
4. Heaven & Hell
5. Jungle Gods

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