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Wind And The Wave - From The Wreckage on LP - direct audio

Wind And The Wave - From The Wreckage Vinyl LP

RCA Records

  • $ 1698

The Wind And The Wave From The Wreckage Vinyl LP

Austin, Texas-based duo The Wind and The Wave are Dwight Baker and Patricia Lynn. (Dwight is “The Wind” and Patty is “The Wave”). In 2012, the two started a writing group with a bunch of friends, churning out a song a week for six months, including their upcoming album’s jaunty opener “My Mama Said Be Careful Where You Lay Your Head,” “From The Wreckage Build A Home,” and “When That Fever Takes A Hold On You.”

Their RCA debut, From The Wreckage, partially reflects “building a new thing from the ashes of our careers,” explains Dwight. The album glows with a rootsy golden tone that encompasses everything from indie-folk, to alt-country to blues-rock to Southern psychedelia. The raucous first single “With Your Two Hands” sounds like it could have been written during an impromptu back-porch jam session.

“On a musical level, I was looking for energy and pop and aggression. Not pop as in pop radio, but pop as in thunder. I wanted to feel power,” says Dwight, who was raised on a steady diet of Chubby Checker, The Beach Boys, and George Jones before discovering punk rock and British Invasion bands as a kid growing up in Houston. “That's why we’ll do a dreamy guitar thing with a country acoustic and then a blues slide guitar with Beach Boys harmonies. It's just an amalgam of everything I heard as a kid.”

The album was created in complete collaboration. “Dwight would start on the track, I would leave the room and start writing the lyrics, then I’d sing them the next day,” Patty recalls. “He played all the drums and most of the guitars, as well as piano, mandolin, and glockenspiel.” The album was written and recorded at Dwight’s Matchbox Studios in Austin in two and a half weeks.

The desire to tell a story is palpable on songs like “Raising Hands Raising Hell Raise 'Em High,” where Patty, who was raised in San Antonio by a Catholic mother and Christian father, sings about her and siblings rebelling against their conservative upbringing.

"To me, the theme of the album is summed up in the song ‘Every Other Sunday Morning,’” Dwight adds. “For Patty, growing up and going to church, it was first Sunday was Catholic, second Sunday was Church of Christ, third Sunday was Catholic, fourth Sunday was Church of Christ. She got conflicting messages, and was told, as a young girl, that both were correct. That is the crux of Patty, too. There’s always this internal conflict, the same one that comes through in that song, where she’s trying to be the good daughter but also trying to be herself. For me the album is about finding your place, but also being real with yourself, and that happiness is achievable if you're honest.”

The Wind And The Wave From The Wreckage Track Listing:

1. My Mama Said Be Careful Where You Lay Your Head
2. From The Wreckage Build A Home
3. With Your Two Hands
4. It's A Longer Road To California Than I Thought
5. Loyal Friend And Thoughtful Lover
6. Every Other Sunday Morning
7. Raising Hands Raising Hell Raise 'em High
8. When That Fever Takes A Hold On You
9. The Heart It Beats The Thunder Rolls
10. A Husband And A Wife Should Sleep Together
11. This House Is A Hotel

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