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Windswept - The Great Cold Steppe Vinyl LP - direct audio

Windswept - The Great Cold Steppe Vinyl LP

Season of Mist Records

  • $ 2298

Windswept The Great Cold Steppe Vinyl LP

Windswept is the latest musical brainchild of Roman Sayenko. The DRUDKH mastermind is known to separate ideas that stylistically diverge from his main creative outlet into different projects such as Old Silver Key, Precambrian and Rattenfanger. Windswept remains relatively close to DRUDKH in comparison to other outlets of Sayenko's inspiration as it stays within the classic expression of Ukrainian black metal. Yet The Great Cold Steppe is deliberately kept harsh and raw, which reflects the album's theme that was inspired by the hostile and fierce Eastern steppes during winter time. It was written and recorded in only three days without rehearsals and based on improvisation with instruments and vocals creating the feeling and grit of a live performance.

Better turn on the heat before listening as Windswept come in hard and merciless like a blizzard from The Great Cold Steppe.

Windswept The Great Cold Steppe Track Listing:

1. Black Horizon Is the Gates of a Blizzard
2. Shrouded in Pale Shining, So Sleeps Infinite Ancient Steppe
3. The Stars Are Cold and Indifferent, Sow Their Gleaming Ashes
4. The Great Shepherd Rides His Storms
5. Blinding and Bottomless Abyss Is Howling
6. A Spiteful Wind Buries All the Lonely Whispers

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