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Wirelogic by AudioQuest Wirelogic - Smart Surge 6 Power Strip


  • $ 5900

Wirelogic by AudioQuest Wirelogic Smart Surge 6 Power Strip

Made by WireLogic, part of the AudioQuest family, the SMART 6 power surge strip offers excellent power protection at mass-market prices. On the base level, the six-outlet SMART 6 guards your audio devices, home appliances, and office equipment from AC power spikes and high-frequency noise. But it does even more. X3 Surge Element technology shields against flame-ups, fire, and melted chassis. Built-in Zero Ground-Termination engineering prohibits common spike returns. Put SMART 6 all around your house and safeguard your electronics!

Easy, Effective Operation and Versatile Performance

Convenient LED indicators let you know that the circuit is fully operational, grounded, and reliably safeguarding its associated equipment. Intelligent Energy Saver Outlets are turned on only when the device connected to the Master Control Outlet is turned on. Devices connected to the Energy Saver Outlets, in turn, shut down automatically when the Master Control device is turned off or goes into Sleep mode, saving energy and money.

For added convenience and versatility, an Always On outlet, for use with hard-drive – based electronics or timed-recording devices, provides continuous power independent of the Master Control and Energy Saver outlets. All WireLogic power products provide advanced EMI/RFI AC filtering and sophisticated protection circuitry for today's sensitive devices.

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