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Y Pants - Y Pants Vinyl LP - direct audio

Y Pants - Y Pants Vinyl LP

Water Wing

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Y Pants Y Pants Vinyl LP

After the success of their debut EP, post-punk art rockers Y Pants performed regularly in NYC and other East Coast venues. In 1981 they toured Europe for six weeks and upon return went into the studio to record their only LP, Beat It Down, released in 1982 on Neutral Records (Sonic Youth, Glenn Branca). 1998's Y Pants is an eponymous compilation of their 1980 EP, 1982 full-length and "Magnetic Attraction" released for Tellus Audio Cassette Magazine No. 21: "Audio By Visual Artists".

"Y Pants was a three-woman New York band: Barbara Ess, Virginia 'Verge' Piersoland Gail Vachons, all visual artists. They played in clubs, galleries and performance spaces between 1979 and 1982. They were as idiosyncratic, edgy, minimal, wry and literate as post-punk no wave got. Furthermore, the fact that these were three ferocious and formidable females was not to be overlooked." – Wolfgang Staehle,

Y Pants Y Pants Track Listing:

1. Favorite Sweater
2. Luego Fuego
3. Off The Hook
4. Beautiful Food
5. Magnetic Attraction
6. Obvious
7. Barbara's Song
8. Beat It Down
9. We Have Everything
10. Lulu
11. Love's A Disease
12. The Shah Song
13. The Fly
14. The Code Of Life
15. What Do You Take Me For?
16. That's The Way Boys Are

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