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Yesterdays New Quintet - Angles Without Edges Vinyl 2LP (Out Of Stock) Pre-order - direct audio

Yesterdays New Quintet - Angles Without Edges Vinyl 2LP (Out Of Stock) Pre-order

Stones Throw Records

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Yesterdays New Quintet Angles Without Edges Vinyl 2LP

2001 Debut from the Virtual Jazz Collective formed by Madlib

In the summer of 2000, Madlib's name was beginning to be known to hip-hop fans as the creator and producer of Lootpack and Quasimoto, whose debut album The Unseen had just been released. Behind the scenes, the producer was beginning an extended break from hip-hop production, trading the SP1200 for the Fender Rhodes.

That fall, Madlib put the jazz group Yesterdays New Quintet together - Joe McDuphrey, Malik Flavors, Ahmad Miller, Monk Hughes and Otis Jackson Jr. They set up shop in the West Los Angeles living room the home/headquarters of Stones Throw, living and worked there through the end of the year before the label relocated to another house elsewhere in Los Angeles. A few days later, Madlib and YNQ showed up there too, building a studio in the home's former cold war-era bomb shelter.

Yesterdays New Quintet's debut album Angles Without Edges was released September 11, 2001. Stevie, an album of Mr. Wonder covers recorded even before Angles, was released later in 2003. And from there, the core of Yesterdays New Quintet was essentially over, and would expand into what Madlib called Yesterday's Universe, a loose-knit collective replacing the original group, with Madlib as the constant producer & arranger. Each member of the original group released solo works, many of them performed with Madlib on Shades of Blue (2003), and several new groups within the universe would follow.

Yesterdays New Quintet Angles Without Edges Track Listing:


1. Prelude
2. Julani
3. Papa
4. The One Who Knows
5. Paladium
6. Life's Angles
7. Thinking Of You
8. Uno Esta


1. Rugged Tranquility
2. Daylight
3. Hot Water
4. Sun Goddess
5. Kuhn's Tune
6. Little Girl (Dakota's Song)
7. Broken Dreams
8. Last Day

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