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AC/DC - Fly On The Wall 180g Vinyl LP

AC/DC Fly On The Wall 180g Vinyl LP


AC/DC's success in the early 1980's proved to be a double-edged sword. The mere fact that Back In Black became one of the biggest selling albums of all time put heavy pressure on the band to deliver big hits, and it also made hard rock a sought-after commodity.


Therefore, record labels were now looking to to lead the way while signing second and third rate knock-offs, which only served to cannibalize the band's loyal fan base. Hard rock had become a pop music and fashion trend! But if one thing holds true about AC/DC, it's that trends be damned. They have always made exactly the music they have wanted, and that's exactly what Fly On The Wall represents. 1985, 1995, 1975 it doesn't matter. This is and this is timeless.


Certified Platinum in the US! Features the classics Fly On The Wall, Shake Your Foundations and Sink The Pink.


AC/DC Fly On The Wall Track Listing:


1. Fly On The Wall
2. Shake Your Foundations
3. First Blood
4. Danger
5. Sink The Pink
6. Playing With Girls
7. Stand Up
8. Hell Or High Water
9. Back In Business
10. Send For The Man

AC/DC - Fly On The Wall 180g Vinyl LP

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