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Alec Benjamin - Narrated for You Vinyl LP

Alec Benjamin Narrated for You Vinyl LP


Inspired by Eminem, Paul Simon, and Citizen Cope, Phoenix-born, Los Angeles-based songwriter Alex Benjamin wonderfully harnesses his cinematic, lo-fi sound and infectious melodies on his debut mixtape Narrated for You.


It features the visceral lead single "Let Me Down Slowly" which Idolator raved, "condenses (Benjamin's) obvious songwriting talent into something potent and gut-wrenching" as well as the previously released streaming hits "1994," "If We Have Each Other," "The Boy in the Bubble," "Death of a Hero" and "Outrunning Karma." "I am so excited to be releasing my first mixtape," Benjamin says.


"I decided to call the mixtape 'Narrated for You' because it is a compilation of stories from my life. Although these stories are very personal I hope that you relate to them in your own way.


Alec Benjamin Narrated for You Track Listing:


1. Steve
2. Boy In The Bubble
3. Annabelle’s Homework
4. Swim
5. 1994
6. If We Have Each Other
7. Death Of A Hero
8. Outrunning Karma
9. Let Me Down Slowly
10. The Water Fountain
11. If I Killed Someone For You
12. Gotta Be A Reason

Alec Benjamin - Narrated for You Vinyl LP

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