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Alex Izenberg - Caravan Chateau Vinyl LP

Alex Izenberg Caravan Chateau Vinyl LP


On Caravan Château – the beguiling 11-song reflection on the house of mirrors that is love –enigmatic LA outsider Alex Izenberg creates a sophisticated world of his own. Songs that are somehow understated but lavish map the vagaries of our uncertain hearts, the way wrinkles chronicle a lifetime of experience.


With the help of a handful of collaborators including Chris Taylor (Grizzly Bear), Jonathan Rado (Foxygen, Whitney, Lemon Twigs), Ari Balouzian (Tobias Jesso Jr) and others, Izenberg creates songs that are easy to adore but hard to define. Izenberg's sharp songs are the bait that first brings you into Caravan Château, but that deliberate ambiguity is what brings you back repeatedly, hoping to tease out the riddles of being inside these stunning tunes.


In 40 minutes, Izenberg flings open another window onto a scene of fractured beauty and romantic longing, a place where music itself is a coping mechanism. From the narcotized sway of "Saffron Glimpse" to the charming bounce of "Sister Jade," from the backmasked blues of "Dancing Through the Turquoise" to the peppy shuffle of "Lady," Caravan Château is visceral and gorgeous, troubled and sympathetic, instantly likable and richly textured.


Alex Izenberg Caravan Chateau Track Listing:


1. Requiem
2. Sister Jade
3. Anne In Strange Furs
4. Disraeli Woman
5. Saffron Glimpse
6. Dancing Through The Turquoise
7. Bouquets Falling In The Rain
8. December 30th
9. Lady
10. Revolution Girls
11. Caravan Château

Alex Izenberg - Caravan Chateau Vinyl LP

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