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Alex Maas (The Black Angels) - Luca Vinyl LP

Alex Maas (The Black Angels) Luca Vinyl LP


The music of Alex Maas has always mesmerized. Now, on his soul-baring solo debut Luca, the Texan and The Black Angel's singer journey is taking an equally hypnotic detour along the wild trails of his indigenous homestead.


Driven by the force of nature, each phase of life is celebrated through songs of love, hope, human connection whilst navigating perils of modern society and tentatively facing the darkness. It's a record fueled by memories of an upbringing in the strange, unique paradise of his father's plant nursery in Seabrook, Texas by the waterfront of the Gulf of Mexico, and the Native American sounds that would drift through the garden's hidden speakers, ricocheting off multi-colored pottery mazes of curiosities from across the world.


Casting shades of deeply personal wide-eyed innocence and the darker realms of paranoia, Luca has its sights set on the near and distant future. Subtle psychedelic flourishes and instrumentation come from a cast of expert players in Austin but this is a deeply personal endeavor.


Alex Maas (The Black Angels) Luca Track Listing:


1. Slip Into
2. The Light That Will End Us
3. Special
4. Been Struggling
5. 500 Dreams
6. What Would I Tell Your Mother
7. All Day
8. Shines Like The Sun (Madeline's Melody)
9. American Conquest
10. The City

Alex Maas (The Black Angels) - Luca Vinyl LP

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