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Andrew W.K. - God Is Partying Colored Vinyl LP

Andrew W.K. God Is Partying Colored Vinyl LP


Turquoise Colored Vinyl with Poster


Internationally acclaimed hard rock musician and God of partying, Andrew W.K., marks another extraordinarily intense chapter in his fabled and perplexing tenure as a pop culture icon, with his fifth full-length rock album, God Is Partying.


Hovering in the fluorescent spotlight of his legendary party power, God Is Partying sees Andrew W.K. ransack the corners of the human psyche, reaching a triumphant apex in his catalog nearly 20 years after the release of his chart-topping 2001 full-length debut, I Get Wet. 


Channeling the manic euphoria that has compelled Andrew W.K.'s auditory insignia for decades, God Is Partying is comprised of nine exhilarating exaltations soaked with a flood of epic energy – often traversing nearly impenetrable lyrical themes while remaining refreshingly relatable, inspiring, and vital for survival. From sinister metallic bastions like the buzzing single "Babalon," to the timeless story telling of "Remember Your Oath," the album will have fans of embracing their own party power and reveling in the depths of musical euphoria.


God Is Partying opens triumphantly with Andrew W.K.'s hyper-melodic keyboard stylings introducing the menacing and magical music of "Everybody Sins," setting the stage for the dramatic immensity to follow.

Tracks like the poetic, "No One To Know", and the soaring tension of "Stay True To Your Heart," transport the listener to the precipice of a sonic horizon – rising into synthesizer-infused epics of maximalist rock, each track showcasing another example of Andrew W.K.'s expanding abilities as a vocalist and songwriter.


Only halfway through the album is the listener driven directly into fiery depths with the massive track, "I'm In Heaven," before ascending into the sonic stratosphere with the tracks, "My Tower" and the album closer, "And Then We Blew Apart."


The album is a true ode to the quiddity of Andrew W.K. Emotional yet steadfast, ominous yet invigorating, God Is Partying embraces both the break-ups and break-downs of life, and Andrew W.K. once again provides his audience with the perfect soundtrack to celebrate all the intensity life has to offer. 


Andrew W.K. God Is Partying Track Listing:


1. Everybody Sins
2. Babalon
3. No One to Know
4. Stay True to Your Heart
5. Goddess Partying
6. I'm in Heaven
7. Remember Your Oath
8. My Tower
9. And Then We Blew Apart

Andrew W.K. - God Is Partying Colored Vinyl LP

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