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Arca - Kick iiii Vinyl LP

Arca Kick iiii Vinyl LP


If Kick i is a multidimensional self-portrait that held all of Arca's many mutations, Kick ii sees her deconstruct reggaeton rhythms she grew up listening to in Caracas, balancing structure and chaos to create her most accessible work yet, without sacrificing any of her uncompromising experimentation; the rising cycle.


Kick iii sees her returning to the club nights that shaped her early adult-hood where Arca was born: the surrealist DJ, warping dance music structures to fit her singular vision-relentless rhythms to drive listeners into uncharted states of euphoria, anthems for the basement-dark queer clubs of our cyberpunk near-future; the climax of the cycle.


With Kick iiii, the cycle resolves, and a new species of xenopop emerges, sensual and serene. Arca's talents as a composer and sound designer take the lead on closing track "Paw," setting melodies to drift on deep, gentle waves of orchestral ambience, an oceanic bliss.


Arca Kick iiii Track Listing:


1. Whoresong    
2. Esuna    
3. Xenomorphgirl    
4. Queer    
5. Witch    
6. Hija    
7. Boquifloja    
8. Alien Inside    
9. Altar    
10. Lost Woman Found    
11. Paw

Arca - Kick iiii Vinyl LP

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